The HIS Class Eskulap System is a comprehensive multi-functional IT system for health care units. It consists of dozens of modules designed for users with different roles in the organization of the medical unit. The system is made up of several main areas to support all hospital processes.

  • Patient cycle
  • Medical documentation
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Diagnostics
  • Remote Access Applications
  • Administration and Communication
  • Costs and Settlements.

ERP Class System Impulse EVO is an integrated suite of applications supporting health care unit. It improves management at all decision levels. Impulse EVO supports efficient operations by lowering its costs, increasing profitability, and facilitating concentration of activities.

  • Finance, Accouting, Costs
  • Human Resources and Wages
  • mHR
  • Budgeting
  • Fixed assets
  • CRM

HBI Healthcare Business Intelligence is an extensive data analysis and reporting system. Enables ongoing analysis, assessment of events and trends in the entity. As a product of our authorship, it is designed to meet the need of both small unit and multi-specialty hospital. The following analytical areas of the System are available in the basic functional range of the System:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Contracts
  • Medical Statistics
  • Finances
  • Wealth
  • Staff

HIP is a Platform for the Integration of Medical Systems, which enables the sharing of medical documents by all participating units. It enables the acquisition of available data from multiple locations and the exchange of Electronic Medical Records containing patient information and completed medical procedures, guaranteeing the safety, quality and completeness of the data.

The diagram above illustrates the full scope of implementation. HIS Class Eskulap System Applications Complemented with Administrative Part of the ERP Class Impulse EVO and Analytical Part of the BI Healthcare Business Intelligence Classes make up one of the most comprehensive and versatile software packages for healthcare in the Polish market.