Eskulap is a complex multifunctional IT system dedicated to healthcare units that realize tasks connected both with inpatient and outpatient treatment. It consists of several dozens of modules dedicated to users who play different roles in the healthcare organization: physicians, nurses, registration Staff, pharmacists, laboratory assistants, technicians etc. Expectations of clients, adapted to a given application throughout many years of system’s exploitation by a wide group of recipients (over 120 healthcare units now) cause that it has the widest functional range among all available solutions of HIS class. This is basically due to the functional range of the modules themselves, their number and specialistic dedication. Thanks to it, Eskulap has in its own structure, several applications that in case of other solutions must be completed by partners (LIS, RIS, PACS, Chemotherapy, Nutrition and others).


Segment Patient Flow comprises modules related to the following patient’s services performed within a healthcare unit. Additionally, this segment includes modules related to backup of medical documentation and preparing statistics for the whole hospital in the scope mentioned above.

Segment of the system consisting of several modules that ensure all functions necessary for creating, storing and making accessible patient’s documentation. Within one image, the following data is displayed: treatment history, doctor’s referrals, results of lab treatment, consultations, diagnosis, patient’s data, procedures and orders for medicines. Additionally, this segment covers also the modules of operating and labor wards, hospital infections and module that enables work at patient’s bed – mVisit.

Modules related to Medical Kit, mMedical Kit and Ward Medical Kit is the area of the system that is responsible for supporting flow of pharmaceuticals and commissioned goods in a Hospital. Chemotherapy is an important element of this module, dedicated to complex support of hospital pharmacists in terms of precise preparation of cytotoxic medicines for patients 

Eskulap system includes also applications RIS and PACS. These modules cooperate both with the whole Eskulap system or they can independently handle diagnostic issues. They ensure exchanging data in generally accepted standards of communication with the systems of image diagnosing (DICOM/HL7). 

Applications are aimed to improve the availability of services offered to patients by a Hospital. By means of them patients can, without leaving home, register for a visit, or check the results of their medical tests. Additionally, thanks to Notification module, they receive e-mail messages or SMS about possible changes in appointment schedule. 

Modules that support administration through an easy access to application via a web browser. The most often module used for management processes inside the system is Administrator module, which enables to manage, give and change competencies in the System. Embedded email client enables communication between administrator and application’s users as well as communication between users themselves. Integrator module enables to connect easily with other external systems.

Modules that support accounting processes within contracts with NFZ (National Health Fund) and commercial contracts. Embedded JGP Grouper with a simulator is a powerful tool for quick patients encoding. This group includes also modules Account of Treatment Costs and Calculation of Procedure Costs, which afford to calculate real costs of patients’ treatment. This area has got also the elements of the system that support accounting for patients use commercial services.

Eskulap System is working with usage of graphic user interface and supports service of Polish, accepts and processes textual data providing for Polish diacritic signs and regulations the obey. It is the only system on the market that can work in two modes: client-server and in three-layer architecture with web interface. 

 Devices that enable the work directly in IT system (HIS) and improves the introduction and management of patients’ data, medicines and created medical documentation. Medhub makes integrations with most devices available on the market that communicate by means of standardized communication protocols. 


Eskulap guarantees a high level of safety. It provides mechanisms of database access lock from the level other than the system, then the rules of defining user password are verified and there is a mechanism of window lock in an activated module.

Medical documentation run in Eskulap IT system is in accordance with the present legal regulations as far as the content and method of documents processing are concerned. Each document is obligatory marked with: subject, patient, person that made a notice, etc. Moreover, documentation is processed in a form that ensures interoperability and can be exported in XML or PDF formats. These formats are legally regarded as interoperable, according to the National Interoperability Frameworks. In an IT system, the most important elements of medical documentation are created according to the HL7 CDA standard which is commonly approved all over the world and is more and more often implemented in Poland. A set of HL7 CDA documents is developed in line with the provisions of the Centre of Health Information Systems (CSIOZ) in the so-called Polish National Implementation of HL7 CDA.

Flexibility in configuration is the crucial feature of the whole solution that makes it usable by units of a different size and specialization. Thanks to introducing web interface the software acquire additional perspective which enables doctors to configure their own cockpits with an access to most often used functions. The content of a cockpit, when once parametrized and saved follow the user and can be used regardless of the terminal (working station) from which it logs into the system.