Changes in healthcare sector and continuously growing number of computerized units that are serviced by different IT systems make it necessary for a proper patient’s treatment to exchange medical data not only within a given one healthcare unit but, first of all, between different healthcare units that can be for patient’s disposal. The key element of cooperation is the exchange of Electronic Medical Documentation (EDM), which includes all the data about the patient and introduced medical procedures in compliance with safety conditions, high quality and completeness of data. It is one of the biggest challenges that healthcare system is facing, especially that Project P1 run by CSIOZ (the Centre of Health Protection Information Systems) is not ready yet and it is hard to determine exactly the accurate time of work finalization. To meet the needs of the market we have created the solution, which is the implementation of Healthcare Integration Platform (HIP) in all cooperating healthcare units. 


Cooperation between units includes the possibility of integration in defined areas making it possible to send orders/results/referrals etc. between two systems of HIS class.

The model includes cooperation among many hospital units and Regional Centers of Blood Donation and Blood Treatment within blood and blood products, as well as specialized diagnostic examinations.  Orders and results are automatically added to relevant medical documentation thanks to which the risk of error is minimized. 

It includes the possibility of exchanging Electronic Medical Documentation between Primary Healthcare Units and Hospitals. Both units, at a time defined, can exchange documentation of a patient who is directed from primary healthcare to a hospital for special treatment. The ordering physician can receive the treatment results, see medical history or any other previously defined information about a given patient. 

It assumes creating a regional library of indexes that would serve all subjects interested in cooperation. It enables communication between various IT systems of HIS class to share Electronic Medical Documentation between healthcare units. All solutions presented above are aimed to point out possible applications of the platform. 

There are also other possibilities of integration between the units, compliant with their individual needs. Each time integration is preceded by pre-implementation audit and defining the target and scope of integration. 


  • Platform enables to share medical documentation by each healthcare unit participating in the project,
  • A single document is an inseparable data unit which makes it safe and prevents it from modifications,
  • Records in medical documentation are made immediately after medical service in a chronological order,
  • Each record must be marked by a person who made it along with the revision of records without the possibility to be removed,
  • A person that demands the access to data must comply with the authorization rules to be mandated for a given set of data,
  • Documents are stored in the place they were created and the platform is the library of indexes,
    application uses the mechanisms for locating available information in separate systems of HIS class. It enables to achieve most complete knowledge about the patient basing on the data from all accessible sources; relevant data is divided into smaller subsets that can be made available by the patient independently, on conditions specified.