It is an integrated packet of application that supports the management process of MRPII/ERP class with a complete functionality that can be set flexibly depending on the scale and needs of a hospital. Thanks to it Impuls improves management on all decision-making levels. It supports effectiveness and efficiency, lowers the costs of activity and increases its profitability. 

Contrary to many competitive solutions it is licensed on the so-called concurrent operator, without limiting access to functionalities aggregated in separate modules. It gives much more options to users that realize project tasks requiring access to little data but usually processed in different applications. 

One of the biggest advantages of the system is the unique UI technology. Items that are typically available at the report level, after data extracted into Excel or in data tools, can be processed directly into the Impuls EVO format. The result of designing the interface using grid tools is to provide the user with access to a large number of data from the tabular display format

System is equipped with an endless number of pre-defined reports, which in most cases secures the most requiring users. In case of very particular requirements in this respect the answer is a strong tool for designing reports Cristal Reports.


  • effective management of company’s finances,
  • full control of activity,
  • advanced mechanisms of accounting automats,
  • cooperation with any number of banking systems,
  • precise defining the real cost of a product and settling each stage of production,
  • consolidation reporting.
  • defining organizational structure of a company,
  • access to information about staff with any level of data detail,
  • scheduling and reporting working time,
  • complex processing the settlement of remuneration,
  • generating HR correspondence and payroll papers basing on templates
  • automatic generating application and accounting papers to ZUS.
  • balance and tax amortization of a fixed asset,
  • free choice in the method of calculating amortization,
  • possibility to build the structure of a fixed asset and its partial amortization,
  • forecasting values and creating amortization plans,
  • servicing fixed assets according to Polish and international standards (MSR).
  • Electronic Acceptance of Invoices, 
  • Electronic Acceptance of Leaves,
  • Electronic Acceptance of Demands, 
  • Electronic Acceptance Business Trip.
  • Materials Management,
  • Tools Management, 
  • Management of renovations, 
  • Workwear Clothing,
  • Staff Equipment. 
  • Employee Portal