A comlepx system of data analysisand reporting enables to combine data from two basic systems of information and reporting and to generate cross-sectoral reports related to the activity, costs and efficiency. It enables to publish portions of data to lower level staff. It is based on Microsoft technology and allows for full integration with Office package. Depending on requirements useres can have access to data via internet or via Excel application. HBI was based on the so-called OLAP cubes, and designed and prepared using SQL Server Analysis Services. 

The following models are contained in the system:

  • analyzing the financial outcome of medical treatment,
  • analyzing execution of NFZ contracts,
  • analyzing the financial outcome of cost sources,
  • analyzing employment and remuneration.

It is to emphasize that HBI as a product apart from being intended for managemant Staff, can be also dedicated to people who analyze medical, statistical or financial data, e.g.:

  • ststistic departament,
  • billing departament,
  • controlling and economic analysis departament

System is built in a three-layer architecture. Database engine is located on SQL Server 2012 and SSIS services are responsible for preparing data layer (ETL). OLAP Models have been prepared with the use of SQL Server Analysis Services. 


It enables to analyze profitability of medical actions related to a single stay in a hospital. User receives information about the present result and forecast result (before the service is settled with a payer).  Within the general costs the following costs have been separated: pharmaceuticals and medical articles, costs of medical procedures, costs depending on the length of stay and other individual costs attributed to a patient (e.g. cost of transport).

Contracts with payers provide information on the progress of realization of contracts for medical services. User can control realization process of a given contract product. Information about the limit and settling the contract is available, as well as a full information on settlements with a supplier. Data is presented both in value and point approaches. The statistics of unit products is available (e.g. done, corrected, registered).

They present information about patient’s movement within a healthcare unit. User can analyze the number of visits in a hospital or in a hospital ward with respect to the sex of a patient. These numbers compared to the number of available beds give information about the occupancy of specific hospital wards. The cube contains also information on man-days and average length of stay. All data in this cube as well as in the remaining cubes can be analyzed in respect to any period of time.

It presents information about the revenues and costs of a healthcare unit with division into the places where costs arise. Information is obtained broken down by accounts with the possibility to show relevant accounting documents. Additionally, information about the structure and dynamics of income, costs and profit of a unit, is available.

They supply information about the liabilities and receivables of a unit. Both turnovers (including accounting documents) and balances (including overdue periods) are analyzed. Data is aggregated according to contractors, their features, types of liabilities and receivables.

It provides information about employment, absence and remuneration in a healthcare unit. Data can be analyzed both in the context of an employee and all his features (e.g. specialization) or his workplace, type of employment, etc. With regard to remuneration data can be analyzed according to elements of a salary or according to gross, additionals, deductions.