Chemiotherapy Eskulap

Eskulap Chemotherapy is an autonomous system, designed for complex assistance of hospital pharmacists work in terms of preparation of cytotoxic drugs. It is independent from systems used in medical units, because of possibility to cooperate with other software on the level of data exchange in HL7 standard. In oncological therapy process it guarantees the quality, safety and costs control during the preparation of cytotoxic preparation. Thanks to sharing the module through a web browser it is possible to call orders directly from institution’s system.

  • Support for volume and gravimetric method of drug production,
  • Record the data on active substances,
  • Running the drug magazine.

Selected features and functions of the system

  • management of the cytostatic drug catalog,
  • creation and management of the patterns of treatment regimens,
  • orders of execution of cytostatics from hospital and external units,
  • supporting the Doctors in the calculation of due doses when ordering a patient’s regimen according to a certain basis of calculation,
  • no need to add extra components to box when using the preferred weight model,
  • management of the assignment of tasks to executive post,
  • preparation of labels for prepared cytostatics, protocols of execution, etc.,
  • realization of issue the prepared preparations to ordering entities,
  • running the drug magazine,
  • verification of the correctness and completeness of the data entered,
  • integration with the ADT modules,
  • graphical interface available in a web browser,
  • presentation of data and messages in Polish.