For the last 27 years Biuro Projektowania Systemów Cyfrowych S.A. has been delivering IT solutions that support management processes in several thousand companies in Poland. They specialize in integrated systems of ERP class and the HCM systems for personnel management. Understanding customers’ needs, solutions that follow business logic and latest trends in management as well as investing in their development help the company to compete successfully with other ERP system suppliers all over the world. Our partner has been for many years on leading positions in Poland among suppliers of such systems. It is an effectively working organization using its knowledge and competences. Upper-class specialists work on the evolution of product offer and rising income at the same time enables stable development of the company.

Konsultant IT has been present for more than 15 years on healthcare market, supporting hospitals in a broadly-understood IT area. One of the most important systems that has been implemented from the very beginning is a HIS class system called Eskulap. It ensures a continuous work of a hospital in the part related to patient care. Thanks to lengthy experience it is possible to run the projects that enhance/ include the integration of Eskulap system with other system of ERP class, which support the work of administrative department of a hospital. Close cooperation between the companies significantly improves the possibility to provide an adequate and tailored solution whatever the specifics of customer’s activity is.