For more than 20 years now we have been engaged in projects aimed at computerization of Polish healthcare institutions. Very often, during the very first meetings with our clients they ask questions about the elements of IT structure that are necessary to reach the desired target.

Long-standing experience in implementation of IT systems allows us to design and offer IT environment that responds not only to present needs but also guarantees its extension in future. Our experts in designing and managing IT environments have performed so far dozens of implementations that involved integration of delivered IT systems with the already existing ones. Competencies of our specialists are approved with many certificates related to creation and management of databases and operating systems.

Satisfaction of our clients is approved by pre-implementation references. The strongest emphasis while designing and implementing solutions is put on ensuring safety, especially in case of sensitive medical data.
In order to pre-empt any questions the picture below presents referential environment, designed for the leading systems from our portfolio.

Eskulap and Impuls systems use Oracle database solutions in versions supported by their producer. Version client-server was designed and created on Oracle Developer tools (Forms). Eskulap application in its web version was based on ASP.NET frame (Framework version 4) produced by Microsoft. Health Business Intelligence software operates on Microsoft SQL Server database.


This solution is based on database server intended for Eskulap and Impuls systems. The safety of data storage is guaranteed by redundancy built Oracle RAC cluster. Such a design guarantees the highest level of accessibility and a uniform distribution of load. In case one of cluster servers breaks down Oracle database is still works on the second one. Slowdown can occur but all functionalities are preserved. Oracle RAC cluster requires the following purchase: licenses for 2 servers, license for Standard Edition 2 or higher.

The applied matrix should be properly calibrated. Its capacity must take into account volume for saving data of Electronic Medical Documentation, database and virtual machines. In case of storing the data of PACS system a proper extension of matrix must be considered. While designing matrix solution it is necessary to analyze how the data is going to grow in time. Ensuring the possibility of matrix extension as the needs are growing seems to be the most crucial issue.

VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT consists of 4 servers (3 application servers on which virtual machines are operated and 1 server that manages virtual environment (vCenter). Usage of virtual environment and Windows Server licenses in a Data Center version allow for: virtual machine migration “on the fly”, functioning of Data Protect and starting an unlimited number of virtual servers. Basing on such provisions the following services can be virtualized: Electronic Medical Documentation, Eskulap NT, Certification Center, Domain Controller, Mail, Billing Grouper, HBI (Business Intelligence).
Additional safety ensuring element is NAS Matrix that shall be placed in a different location from where the servers are. Its task is to store backup files of critical data such as Eskulap database or medical documentation.