medhub originates from the company Systemy Informatyczne Alma Sp. z o.o., which was created in mid-2001, The team created at that time builds the core of the present company. Initially, within the structures of ALMA SA, the team was responsible for realization of tender financed by the World Bank, thanks to which a several dozens of Polish hospitals were digitized. This enterprise should be in fact regarded as the beginnings of digitalization in Polish healthcare. Within this project the company for the first time offered its flagship product – the solution of Hospital Information System class, named Eskulap. Software was designed and created by Poznań University of Technology. ALMA S.A. was responsible for providing business background for the product and for contributing to develop functional basis of programs included in the system. Both the project of the World Bank and the following development of Eskulap system set the directions of company’s evolution for the next years, strengthening at the same time the position of Poznań University of Technology as a strategic partner of the company.

In 2003, company’s portfolio was extended by Impuls -ERP class product for managing hospital administration. Over time, its producer – Biuro Projektowania Systemów Cyfrowych S.A. became the second strategic partner of the company. The increasing number of hospitals working with Eskulap system and evolving specific needs of health market set the base for separating a new company from the structures of ALMA S.A. Practically the whole business unit related to medical sector was then transferred to the company Systemy Informatyczne ALMA Sp. z o.o. In this way in 2008 a new autonomous activity, focused only on healthcare market was initiated.

In 2011 debuts on the RightSoft market, a company formed as a spin-off entity from the staff of the Poznań University of Technology project "Eskulap". Her appointment is met with a market boom, and as a result, the HIS producer quickly achieves success with good sales results. Successive development and the increasing number of clients, as well as product portfolio, led in 2011 to transfer into a new owner - Innovation Technology Group S.A. that is now present on the market under the name CUBE.ITG. S.A. At that time one of the most key-decisions for company’s future was made - they started to work on the project of their own system of Business Intelligence Class which is now one of the leading products of the company (Healthcare Business Intelligence). In 2015 SI Alma acquired a majority share of RightSoft Sp. z o.o., was still intensively developing Eskulap system. At the end of 2015 the company attracted new investors: Probatus sp. z o.o. and IT Invest sp. z o.o., who aimed to consolidate the position of the company as one of the leading suppliers of IT systems for healthcare in Poland.

On June 30th, 2016, as registered in the National Court Register, the merger of the company Systemy  Informatyczne Alma sp. z o.o. with the company RightSoft sp. z o.o. was executed. As a result, following the art. 494 of PCCC, (Polish Commercial Companies Code), the company Systemy Informatyczna Alma sp. z o.o. assumed all the rights and obligations of the resolved company RightSoft sp. z o.o.
On September 1st, 2016, the name of the company was changed into medhub, which was accompanied by the change of visual identification and the company has started a new chapter in its history.

On January 9, 2018, 55% of medhub shares were purchased by NEXUS AG, a leading European company in the e-health sector. Eighteen months after the successful merger of RightSoft and Alma Information Systems, the newly established MedHub organization acquired a new strategic partner. It is anticipated that the transaction will also change the current name of the company to "NEXUS Polska".